Pre-built website

Save time building a website!                                               Cost $75.00 USD
We offer a prebuilt one that you can customize, personalize, and begin to build your inventory, or even use the products and descriptions that are already loaded.
View the prebuilt site here:
You can customize the content, email addresses, social media links, products, colors, font, and more. 
If you are in the market for a personalized domain you can use sites like go daddy, ionos, and even wix.
The website you are viewing: this uses a web address which we bought from go daddy, it's easy and quick to link that custom domain to the site for a polished look. 
In order to utilize the pre-built site we offer you must use, and sign up for an account. Wix offers an easy to use website editing tool, and I have found that it has been the most user friendly out of all sites I have made.  
Wix allows you to set up your site for point of sale transactions, meaning a customer picks a product, adds it to their cart, and checks out.  This feature is NOT free, and does have a monthly charge based on the package chosen. You do not have to have a point of sale option, instead you can have your customers reach out to you via a web form much like the one at the bottom of this page.  There are many different options, customizations, and ways to truly personalize your website!
If you are interested and have questions please contact us below.
Once the site is paid for it will be transferred to you for customization! This does not include any tech support from MoeNails. You MUST have a wix account, it is FREE and easy to sign up for:
Pre-built website order form
Please fill out the following form in order to purchase a pre-built website, as seen here:
Be sure to send your $75.00 (USD) payment via Paypal friends and family within 24 hours of form submission.
Send to: 

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