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Pop Phone Holders


These fun and functional pop holders are easy to use, and exciting accessories for your electronic devices.

$1.00 for traditional

$2.00 for glitter globes

$5.00 for 6 pc character bundle.


Choose from the designs pictured above.

$5 each for traditional pop grips


$7 each for snow globe pop grips (GLITTER GLOBES).

We have a 6 peice character bundle for $30 (this includes all 6 phone grips pictured).



To install your pop holder:

  • Wipe the surface where you will be applying the holder with rubbing alcohol.
  • Peel the back covering off of the holder.
  • Line up the holder and carefully place it into position pressing firmly.
  • For optimal adhesion let the holder bond to the surface for 8 hours before using.


To remove you pop holder:

The best way to remove the holder is to flatten it completely and slowly peel up from one side to the other. Another way to remove the holder is by using a piece of dental floss, and wedging that floss between the surface and the sticky backing.

Phone Pop Holders/grips

Phone Holder Design